Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meng Kee Char Siew (non halal)

Anyone out looking for a good char siew(BBQ pork) rice ?? try this.
It is known for it's char siew and famous throughout the whole Klang valley.

The restaurants is just simple, nothing fancy about it, but just before going in, look at the customers lining up to tapau(takeaway).
Lucky for us, we manage to get a place without waiting.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the stall that hang the char siew cause it's kinda crowded.
Just look at the amount of people waiting for the food to be served, but it's kinda fast, it just took 10min of waiting time.

After the food were served, this is the time i put my taste buds to test.
The char siew is just full of bbq aroma,as you bite in,you can feel it's a little crispy from the outer layer of the meat, it's not so sweet as some others, and it's tender and juicy from the inside.
The char siew i'd ordered is just lean meat(no fat), but the best is more chard and a little fat in it, the lard and chard adds more flavor to the char siew.

The lap cheung also not bad, full of flavor,
The chicken is just average,
The oil rice, is just average, but it's is recommended to eat it with white rice, because you wont cover the char siew aroma when you are chewing it.

The price is a little above average, for a pack of char siew rice is RM5.50,
as what i ordered above, the char siew 4 person, lap cheung 2 person, chicken 2 person,a plate of beansprout, 4 drinks, additional 3 big bowl of rice, cost RM59.
But for a good meal, who cares about the price.

As for cleanliness, it is below average, the floor is slippery, u can fall down anytime if your not careful enough, i have to walk like a penguin.
I did saw a person fall down, but their facial expression looks like they enjoy it, just smile and walk away, lol, that is what i call enjoying a good meal hahaha!!

I can't rate this char siew as the best char siew, because others have their own recipe to make, so i'm still in a quest to look for more char siew.
So what i'm gonna do is just rate it,

from 1-10,

Char Siew - 9
Lap cheung - 7
Chicken - 4
Oil rice - 4
Cleanliness - 3

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Balut (half grown egg)

Ok here is a fear is not a factor, its not for people that have phobia of eating something that is not fully grown lol
you will know what i mean looking in the pic.

On my trip to Philippines, one of my friend in Philippines bring me a egg called 'Balut', i have no idea what it was until i open it.
Balut is a Philippine word, i dont know what it is called in english, its just a half grown embrio egg,

Just like what we normally see, just a normal egg from the out side

To eat this egg, they have a technique, what they do is open up the top part of the egg, and then suck the juice in it, at first glance its a ugly looking egg that u dont want to put in your mouth,
but after tasting the juice, it taste like 'Tea Egg', surprisingly lol.After sucking dry the juice, its time to eat the egg, we peel off the egg shell, u can see its hairy,
for the first timer's they recommend to put the whole egg in the mouth and chew it, cause u can see the intestine if u bite it half.
Other will feel it hard to swallow, but for me its just like normal egg, and it taste just like normal egg, if you dont think about it.

They have few grades, the grades is determine by the days it is bred.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chow Tofu(smelly bean curd)

Since today i have some free time, im going to introduce some food that stinks lol.

Looking at the Q, i dont have to say a word,people are crazy for this piece of smelly bean curd

Next to this stall there is a stall selling the same thing, but it aint smelly enough, this stall i can say u dont wanna go near it, but people is lining up and waiting, so i just try it out following the craze,

I bought tofu is in Ampang during some festival, but they have it in other pasar malam(night market)

This is what they use to soak the tofu in, what i smell is like expired milk, when im standing near i dont smell any thing, only a little bit, but when im far phew!!! u wanna run away

After lining up for 30min this is what i get,

I can say the taste is just deep fried tofu with a bit sourish taste in it, and they give a pack of cabbage and chili sauce. The cabbage is a little bit sweet and spicy, just enough to cover the smell.
So overall i can say our malaysian version smelly tofu is not that hard to eat hehehe.

here is what i find in Taiwan, lol

Evan the seller also wearing a mask hahaha, i did tried it, all of my friend beside me just run away lol, it's alot more smellier that our malaysian version, but the sauce and the cabbage cover the smell a bit.

I didnt get to try the wet version of smelly tofu, its not deep fried, and i heard its 10x worse than the deep fried.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bye Bye Penang

After we bought the Apong Guan we headed back to Mount Erskine again to look for the chinese passembo but luck was not in our side,lol.
So insted we order other food.
The wan tan mee there i tasted, turned out very good.
This is call 'tua pan koay teow'

This is the oyster porridge

This popiah is the boom. Theres alot filling inside and also crab meat in it.

the last view of Penang b4 we headed back KL

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Burmah Road

Ahhh who can resist Apong Guan in the busy street of Burmah Road even Ho Ciak also interviewed him, see the Ho Ciak sticker. He sells the best apong in Penang, and you can't ever find this kind of apong in other states

If your thinking of getting some souvenirs for your neighbour, Him Heang is the best to get it.
A place that u can get the best fresh baked 'Tau Sa Piah' and other stuff